Saturday, 6 October 2012

Video of how Uniport Students were Killed yesterday

The names of the victims are : Ugonna, Ilyod, Tekana and Chidiaka and the incident happened in Aluu community, a poor local community that has be ceaselessly tormented by
daredevil armed robbers, these robbers kill whenever they find nothing to steal and in a more recent case, they killed a family man  and molested his daughter before them.The community decided to setup a vigilante group to curb the menace.The full story of the bit that led to the death of the four students can be found by an eye witness, a member of the Aluu community and she said: 'The students were no phone or laptop thieves, as claimed in earlier report's, they infact confessed to some of the killings and previous incidences (although this could be as a result of excess torture)

I hope this helps the police in their investigation. The governor of Rivers state, Rotimi Amaechi has reportedly ordered the immediate arrest of the killers of the students.

What baffles me is that this act was carried out in broad day light and in the midst of so many people.

The state governor, and the President has to intervene in this case. Despite what they might have done, this sort of jungle justice, beating young men to death on the streets in the midst of everyone including children just doesn’t sound right.
They took laws into their hands.this is really sad.They should have handed them over to the police.


  1. Can anyone amongst those beating there guys say they are clean? I believe every vigilante group use to have a chairman association where they will take those guys to for question. Why take laws into their hands? This care should be investigated properly.. Rest in peace!!!

  2. What are the govt still waiting for,pls Linda update us with the latest news about this ungodly and evil act,haba why them no catch those politicians burn them to aches for using pen to carry money,i think matters like this needs an urgent attention


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