Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Late MC Loph’s Mother Is Dead – RIP Mrs Obiajulu

The aged mother of star singer Nwaozo Obiajulu aka MC Loph passed away few days ago at a private hospital in Enugu after battling an undisclosed illness.
Mrs Obiajulu lost her two children, MC Loph and his sister on the 14th of September 2011 in a tragic car crash on Benin Ore Expressway.

They were heading to a traditional wedding ceremony when the tragedy struck. The car they were in somersaulted severally before landing in a ditch.
After the death of her son, Mrs Obiajulu accused Emeka Morgan (his manager) of killing him.
Hear what she said in an interview months before her death;
“Emeka Morgan killed my only son and daughter, left me childless and handicapped. Since Obiajulu died, the only time I set my eyes on the so-called Morgan was in May 2012, when he came with Obi Madubogu, gave me a bag of rice, a gallon of groundnut oil and 60 thousand naira and asked me never to allow Nkiru (MC Loph’s wife) to have a share of the money. But I couldn’t, I gave the money over to Nkiru after he left and it was used to fix the Camry with which she does most of her run arounds in Lagos. Since then, he had neither called nor checked on me again”

So sad! May her soul rest in eternal peace.

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