Sunday, 11 January 2015

If You Let PDP Win Again, We Will All Be In Trouble- Buhari

APC Presidential aspirant, Muhammadu Buhari has said if Nigerians let PDP win again, Nigerians will be in trouble. He made this statement on Saturday while addressing a campaign rally at the Michael Okpara Square in Enugu, warning citizens of the implication of not getting their voters card, as that is the only way PDP can be voted out.
“If you make a mistake to allow PDP to rule again for the next four years we will all be in trouble,” he said.
He also addressed the insurgency in the North saying it is a pure case of anarchy and terrorism.
“For anybody to go and kill people in churches, in mosques, in motor parks and shout ‘Allah’, he is saying what he doesn’t believe, it is not religion, it is just anarchy, it is just terrorism,” Buhari emphasized.

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