Monday, 5 January 2015

Queen Ure gets court injunction banning Cynthia Morgan from using "Popori"song

 Queen Ure has sought an injunction from the federal high court, banning the airing of Cynthia Morgan's track "Popori" On 29th of December, 2014,a  Federal high court in Lagos gave an injunction restraining Cynthia Morgan, Radio Dj’s, Tv Stations, promoters from using the word Popori which is an infringement on Queen Ure’s copyright.

This is because,while Cynthia dropped her track in November 2014, Queen Ure’s first video,released in November, 2012 was titled Popori  as well as her 15 track album Popori as well.
Cynthia morgan replied saying

      "And some lady named "Ure" sending me a court order for using the word "Popori"lol.. I'm still tryna find out who you are coz google aint got nothing on you"

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