Wednesday, 8 April 2015

It Is Immoral For You To Decamp To The Opposition Party, PDP Tells Members

The Peoples Democratic Party has told its members decamping to the main opposition party, APC that it is uncalled for and very immoral of them to decamp to the opposition simply because they lost the presidential election. Olisa Metuh, the National Publicity Secretary of the party, while speaking with journalists yesterday in Abuja and answering questions about why thousands of the party members have been decamping to APC, Metuh said he wonders why party members should resolve into that and wonders what those decamping will teach their children about morals. 

“It is right for anyone to defect or move because the Constitution allows for free association. But basically, it is immoral for someone to leave his party because we lost the presidential election few days ago.

“It is about the character. Yes, you have the constitutional right to move or defect, but what lesson do you want to teach your children?

“Just because we have lost the presidential election? Yes, we want members (in our party) but not fiddle-minded people.

“We want people who are committed, but the fair weather people are free to leave us. Those who are committed will still be with us.”

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