Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Buhari may appoint Ministers who are not APC members - Oyegun

APC Chairman, John Odigie-Oyegun says President Buhari may appoint some individuals who are not APC members as Ministers into his government.
Oyegun said  Buhari is keen on appointing technocrats who will work with his agenda of moving Nigeria forward. Oyegun said this while speaking with journalists after a meeting in Abuja today.
    "There is absolutely no dispute between the party and the president.
We agreed that we shall use all manner of people: politicians, technocrats, all manner of people even if not politicians, who can deliver and who subscribe passionately to the agenda of the president to move this country forward, irrespective of where the people come from; irrespective of whether the person is a card-carrying members of the party. What is important is the qualification of the person and the ability of the person to deliver on the ideas of Mr. President. What we are interested is in the ability of the people to bring up the ideas that will help Mr. President achieve the set objectives and the ability to deliver on what the President wants. Secondly, this is an executive function and the President has the right to consult as widely as possible. This means he might pick people within the party; people outside the party. It is a prerogative the President should exercise and we cannot question that. We are quite happy about the way he is proceeding" he said

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