Monday, 18 January 2016

Blame past administration for the poor state of the economy- APC

The APC has asked Nigerians to blame the past administration for the poor state of the nation's economy and the increasing fall of the Naira. The party's position was made known by its acting spokesperson Timi Frank in an interview with Vanguard
    “Personally, I am worried about the current situation of the economy but again I am letting you know it is not our fault because this is what we met. We met a bastardised system. We took over from a government that destroyed our economy.

    The PDP government embezzled the wealth of our nation. So our economy is something we are fighting to survive. And I can assure you that our government is taking every necessary step to make sure we revive our economy and that everything will come to stay. Clearly, I can tell you that this is why the President is moving round to make sure our economy stands again. The current situation of our country today, I am asking Nigerians not to blame President Buhari because he is working very hard to make sure things go well with Nigerians that voted APC government to power. They will not be disappointed. So the blame goes back again to the previous government, the PDP government which squandered the resources of our country. And today, Nigeria as a nation is suffering because of them. But by the grace of God, things will be fine again”, he said.

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