Monday, 1 February 2016

God's Hand by Charly Boy

Very recently, I was hanging out with some of my associates in my house when one of them started reeling out all that is wrong with Naija; the kind of impunity stealing that has taken place.
"A never ending story", I managed to murmur, before one of them exclaimed, "Na God hand we dey"
Which kin God hand we  dey? I found myself busting out a yell.
If we leave everything in God's hand, what are we doing to change the blatant rape of the future of our youths or the obnoxious impoverishment of the masses?

For too long, we sat and watched the leadership immunize themselves with impunity, watched sycophants masturbate them with mediocrity whilst we, the people, clapped and sang for most of these riffraff for a cup of rice and beans waiting for our turn to join the chopping train. Kai!
Now that the economy is nose diving with alacrity, some still have the guts to call God's name when we have not shown good faith in fighting to change the status quo or demand what is ours by right? Humm Mumu people.

The beauty of standing up for your rights is that others will see you standing and be emboldened to stand up as well.
A lot of the times, most of us know what is right and what should not be; in fact, everyone, in our different corners and crannies, does one side talk or the other, as to how things should be, without really taking a stand openly. This, perhaps, is a result of not wanting to be stigmatized or victimized but hey, it is said that if you don't stand for something you're truly and fully persuaded of, you will fall for anything and when you do fall, don't complain.
Sadly, my people are neither even ready nor willing to either fight for their right or die defending it; they'd rather leave it in God's hand. Bullshit! Which God.

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