Tuesday, 18 February 2014

House of Reps Member move to save Nigerians from imminent fuel scarcity

According to Punch, ‘16 vessels are said to have been held in the nation’s territorial waters by the Nigerian Navy and restrained from discharging their contents until “signals” are received from Abuja’.

Hon.Dayo Bush-Alebiosu last week raised the motion as a matter of urgent public importance, informing the House that on a daily basis, the government paid $4.8m as demurrage to the owners of the vessels in the last three months. He said the total amount said to have been paid out so far stood at $446.4m. Continue...

According to Hon. Dayo Bush-Alebiosu, the vessels carried petroleum products meant to be used in the country, adding that keeping the vessels on the seas could lead to fuel scarcity soon.
In his words, “A reliable source at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation told me on the condition of anonymity that if this matter is not resolved soonest, the country will face fuel scarcity. The source said the fuel being used in the country now is the last from our reserve,” Bush-Alebiosu added.

The Speaker, House of Representatives, Mr. Aminu Tambuwal, who presided over the session, referred the issue to the Joint Committee on Petroleum Resources/Public Accounts/Navy for investigation within two weeks.
Recall that Hon. Dayo Bush-Alebiosu has consistently been against policies that have negative effects on the Nigerian populace, having spearheaded the review of all treaties entered into by Nigeria. He also recently sponsored the Air Passengers Rights Bill, making airlines legally responsible to their passengers.
While its noteworthy that some of these lawmakers are waking up to their legislative duties and responsibilities, we hope this problem will receive the kind of urgent attention it requires, as Nigerians cannot afford another hardship in the form of a fuel scarcity right now!

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