Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Corruption by Charly Boy

Corruption is the biggest cancer that collectively robes us as a society therefore the campaign against it requires the participation of all citizens and the stakeholders in the society. Because corruption in our society denies you and I of our basic rights, the fight against corruption should be a collaborative effort between the citizenry and the government.

It is based on this collaborative effort that The National Anti-Corruption Volunteers Corps (NAVC) was established by Independent Corruption Practices and Other Related Offenses Commission (ICPC) IN 2008 to bring the fight against corruption to the door step on Nigerian Citizens.
Research has also shown that the campaign against corruption achieves greater success if it is owned and driven by the citizens being that they are the ones most affected by the effects of corruption in their society.
I stand for good judgment, I stand for equity. Let’s reclaim the glory of our nation by saying NO to corruption in every sector. Together we can, we can’t wait for the government to do this entirely for us.
NAVC has released new operational guideline that will strengthen the citizens to fight this great cancer and one of its first implementation plan is to have NAVC driven by only respectable Nigerians of proven integrity register as members who will aid in restoring and executing the noble objectives of the corps with a view of achieving the vision of the Commission towards a corrupt free Nigeria

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