Monday, 28 October 2013

DHL Express Nigeria Celebrate Retail Day

DHL Express Nigeria, last week celebrated their annual retail day. All staff members came in to work in their vibrant yellow t-shirts with details of their latest retail product, Express Easy, boldly inscribed on the t-shirts.

With EXPRESS EASY, customers can look forward to a suite of standardized packaging solutions at an all inclusive price for international shipments ranging from 0.5kgs to 25 kgs. Customers can choose from eight specific packaging types, fill the package to that weight limit and send the shipment. One price fits all for documents or non-documents. The product is DHL Express’ most competitively priced product on the market.
“We want to continually offer our customers services that meet their international shipping needs and provide a more simplified pricing approach for our retail customers.” Said Randy Buday, Country Manager, DHL Express, Nigeria.
DHL Express has been actively expanding its retail footprint across Nigeria through 3rd party retail partnerships. To date over 100 outlets now offer DHL Express services across Nigeria. “Business is growing all across the country. Gone are the days when international shipping needs were centralized in the capital city. Through our retail partnerships we are aiming to support small, medium and large companies in towns across Nigeria with access to international markets and products to grow their business” concluded Randy.
The EXPRESS EASY packaging material is made from recycled material and is a more environmentally friendly packaging range in line the company’s environmental protection strategy.
The EXPRESS EASY service is available at all DHL Express retail outlets in the country.

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