Saturday, 1 February 2014

Dude Tetsola denies being married,claims he represented his brother

It was reported that he married his longtime Dublin-based fiancee Stephanie Ogbeiwi. Their traditional wedding took place on November 9th in Benin while their court wedding took place at the Federal Marriage Registry, Ikoyi, Lagos on the 30th of November.

Two months later, Dude is denying being married. According to what he told Punch, the marriage was by proxy as he only represented his brother who couldn’t attend his wedding.

    “I stood in for my elder brother. He couldn’t get his visa. They saw the pictures and people started saying I got married. Please, it is not me. I am not yet married. My girlfriend left me. She still doesn’t believe the story that I am not married even after my mother called her to explain to her. I have even talked to her elder brother who said I should let her be. I don’t know why people would not verify a story before they write about it. If I want to marry, I will invite people and let them know about it. It will not be a hidden thing.” he told Saturday Punch

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