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#Bringbackourgirls Campaign: A Socio-political Jamboree or an Anti-terrorist campaign?

On the 14th of April 2014, the Al-Qaeda linked terrorist group popularly called Boko Haram that has held Nigeria to ransom for some time now, invaded the Government Secondary School,lying on the  north eastern town close to the Sambisa Forest, Borno State. This  place is believed to be the abode of the Sect. The Insurgents abducted 276 girls who registered for the May/June SSCE examination in the School into captivity.

Since then, this unfortunate incidence has rocked the airways both locally and internationally. Consequently, the United Nations as well as other concerned Countries  on the international scene including United States of America (USA) have in one way or the other pledged their commitment to seeing that the abducted girls are returned to their parents, this matter has become of immense International concerns.

Just a few weeks after this menace, a group sprang up in Abuja called #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS led by the former minister of education and World bank Vice President, Oby Ezekwesili alongside others such as the popular Leftist Dino Melaye among others. Funny enough, The World First Lady, Michelle Obama joined this group on line to further buttress the international community's commitment to returning the Nigerian Girls home.
Just a few days ago, Sahara reporters had reported that the securities have alleged that the #BBOG has become a franchise which was aimed at frustrating the operations of the security operatives. One question that has continued to rock the minds of Nigerians is the purpose of this development. On the 22 of May, the group of protesters seeking to pressure the federal government to find the abducted girls staged a march on Aso Rock led by oby Ezekwesili and about 2000 others, the march which took off from the unity fountain at about 3:30pm lasted for about 2hours but were unable to access the Aso rock.
The President whom Ezekwesili said was fully aware of the peaceful protests sent a delegation who listened carefully to them. "None of the questions we raised has been addressed “stated Mrs Oby Ezekwesili adding that the group will demand another meeting with the President.
Would it be wrong to say that this is a case of misplaced priorities? Can this confrontation not be channeled to the appropriate medium that could really spell doom to the Boko Haram insurgency.
Probably, the campaign has constituted itself as an "economy" to mobilize young men and women who are of course tipped with light change taking advantage of their economic incapacity to destabilize the Government of the day. Another aspect worthy of consideration is the political rancor that has so turned sour; perhaps this is an avenue by the opposition party to paint black the face of Mr. President.
Funny how some of the members of this so called pressure group are mostly chieftains of the opposition party or affiliates who glaringly have organized themselves to not just thwart the effort of Mr. President but infringe on the focus of the security operatives. The question one might ask is to what end is the move by this protesters? Whether the group is an anti-terrorist group or "Anti-Government propagandist" remains a question of worries to the Nigerian populace.
Maybe it has never crossed the mind of Nigerians what really is the motive of the bring back our girls group, so many times we have heard and seen the group speak of the need for the government to return the missing girls but we have never heard them show support to the Government in their efforts so far on the fight against terrorism.
The question again is why is the group led by Oby and co trying to dominate the campaign for the Chibok girls, if it is actually in the interest of the general Nigerian populace? On a fateful day, it was discovered that another group named Grand Alliance Against Terrorism (GAAT) led by Princess Mariam Onuaha  to also advance the desire of Nigerians to have the girls return safely was publicly antagonized by the Oby led group. Why would this be if they are actually fighting the same course? or is there any letter that transfer of temporary possession  There are so many questions to ask on the ingenuity of this campaign group.
Importantly, the group has become a daily funfair convergence of "who is who" with exotic cars packed every evening at the Unity fountain.which subsequently turns into a "Dramatic Mourning Center" when the media appears. The place of the group must be clearly defined, this is so that  sabotage groups do not pretend to be a unity and progress driven association in view of helping Nigerians fight terrorism to the finish or at least the barest minimum.

The situation of the Country should not be an avenue for people to embark on criticisms and actions that is capable of resulting into treason. However, Boko Haram ranks the 7th richest terrorist groups from statistics that leaves us with the knowledge of the fact that this is not peculiar to Nigeria.


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