Friday, 11 July 2014

Who is the one with the clean hands?

The Vanguard News this morning Reported that Rauf Aregbesola AKA Ogbeni as he is popularly called bought equipments worth 1.3bn for the Nigerian Police Force. Would i be wrong to perceive this as a means to lure the police into working in his favour in the August 8 election in Osun
The question is, how much is Osun State federal allocation itself that the Governor was able to give out so much? Anyway, the police in any state is not autonomous and so i believe the thoughts of their hearts has failed abinitio. Sometime in the papers, the same APC had complained of the Federal Government spending wastefully and this to me seem to be a like action.

Does this now go a long way to show Nigerians that the APC is clueless or that the PDP sets the pace for them to follow. When we then say that the "APC is a chip off the old block", people that are overwhelmed by their political bias begins to raise unnecessary arguements.

May i bring to your notice that the same Aregbesola has not paid his workers in the State of Osun(An Aregbesola creation), how come a reasonable amount that could have been channeled to appropriate directions is now misdirected. i think the APC has to embark on a more convincing re-appraisal of their masterplan because it seems they are not guided along the lines of political capacity.

We are aware it is in the character of certain political parties to embark on some deceptive projects few weeks before elections to gain the votes of the people but am thinking Nigerians are wiser now, Fayemi of Ekiti is a pointable scenario.

However, Nigerians are advised to be educated on this development even as they await the august election as well as the Presidential election of 2015 because their choices will sharpen the Nigerian polity to a very large extent.

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  1. Na wa oooo.. Where Aregbesola get dat kind moni? God dey ooo. After dem go say na PDP dey tif


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