Monday, 7 October 2013

Police Ban Powerbikes in the FCT!

Many questions come to mind. If memory serves, the Motorcycle ban was to affect Commercial Motorbikes. When did it extend to privately owned motorcycles and who was this communicated to? If these Motorcycles are indeed illegal how then are they registered with the VIO and FRSC?
How are these Motorcycle clubs able to be legally registered with the CAC?
When will they ban the use of cars because of the possibilty of cars being used for terrorist activites?

After this arrest was effected, the Motorcyclists gave the Police their statements and handed over the Vehicle registration documents for the Motorcylces to the Police.
The motorcycles were then impounded "so they can be investigated". Again, I am not sure what that means.
These motorcycles are primarily a mode of transport. Not weapons of mass destruction. "Investigating" them will only serve to prove that they are just that and not spirit propelled horses from Hades.
This trend of summary creation of laws and reckless execution of same has to be checked. And has very often been the cause of much harm and in many cases, death.
The fact that we are Nigerians and live in a third world country does not mean we should be treated as a subhuman species. The constitution grants us certain rights and it is beyond unjust to have those rights snatched from you simply becuase the man in front of you has an Ak-47 and a black uniform.

Ahmed Alpacino


  1. Dis pple r lame,Let's start a peaceful protest on them putting a ban to the policeescort riders that follow the I.g of police and his cohorts

  2. this is a very stupid step.....

  3. rubbish they are mad in d head


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