Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Brother of Sudanese woman sentenced to death blocks her from escaping to the US

27 year old Meriam Ibrahim who was freed on the 30th of June after being sentenced to death for marrying a Christian,hasn't been allowed to leave  Sudan .Her brother who has vowed to execute her for turning her back on Islam is trying to stop her from leaving  ..Her lawyer told Mailonline

    Her brother [Al Samani Al Hadi] has launched a new petition to the family court to prove that Meriam is his sister. This would give him a legal right over her.But he does not have the authority to demand this right – it is only a father or a mother that can demand this legal status.He is doing this to prevent Meriam from travelling outside of Sudan"

She also faces forgery charges for trying to flee with Forged documents bearing a Christian name.She is currently residing at the US embassy in Sudan

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