Friday, 24 October 2014

Photo: Baby Born With Quran In Ibadan

 A baby has been born in Ibadan with a pocket size Quran in his hand. The baby who was recently born attracted a lot of crowd when news filtered around town that he was born with a holy book.
His mother who practises no religion went to deliver him at a church for fear of hospital bills. The woman who took the delivery saw the ‘strange’ object and disposed it since it was not part of the baby, but shortly after, the baby became restless and continued to clutch and empty fist.

A cleric who was later invited sensed something was removed from that particular hand and asked the woman in charge what she removed. She brought it out from the bin and it turned out to be a mini Quran.
Immediately, the Quran was given back to him the baby became comfortable again, his mother said.
His father who says he also practices no religion says, he thanks Allah for the blessing and promises to start practising Islam.
 Nigerian Tribune

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