Friday, 17 October 2014

Why I can never cheat on my wife-Timi Dakolo

In a new interview with  Nigerian Tribune, he opened up on being married .
What was your first encounter of love?
    Hmmm! I’ve loved o. I don’t want to remember it. If I see that lady, I may just push her down. Love could make a grown man cry. You see, they did not only break my heart, they’ve blended it, so, it’s now liquid.
As a married man, what keeps you going in times when you have differences with your wife, because I am sure that there are times you want to be alone.

    Ah! Then I will not eat o, (speaks to the screen)Baby if you are seeing this, I always want to see you o. But really, we are friends. I could just call her from the blues and ask her how her boyfriends who are always toasting her are. Communication solves a lot of problems, what you don’t say hurts, keeping secrets and being unfaithful is hardwork.

So you are saying you can never cheat on your wife?

    My wife is a Kogi woman. She has everything I need. Like I said earlier, it’s hard to cheat because you will be hiding your phone, locking it and running helter skelter, when you are not an actor.I make sure she knows where I am, If I say I’m coming home soon, I try to keep the promise.

 Why did you opt for a low key wedding at Ilorin?

    She grew up in Ilorin. One thing that always scares men, is the fact that the wedding is too expensive and the marriage is far more important than the wedding. How can you spend all your money because you want people to gather and eat your rice?

So you didn’t want people to come and eat your rice?

    No. It’s a special day but it doesn’t have to be that expensive, but classy, a lot of guys want to get married.

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