Monday, 10 November 2014

Woman whose Police husband ran over with bus dies

Dupe who was crushed with a bus by her police husband who also stabbed their baby to death has passed on..Just last week, Punch spoke to her and she was asking for her baby, unknown to her,the baby was killed by her husband who is on the run.
Punch reports again that Dupe died at about 6.30pm on Friday, November 7, after her condition worsened at a traditional orthopedic hospital in Mushin, Lagos.On Thursday morning, she was said to have fainted.

At the hospital, a nurse said that Dupe’s spinal cord and one of the bones around her neck were also affected by the incident, and had worsened her case...Her brother Segun Akiode said

    She has died. She passed on at about 6.30pm. That is where I am now. We went to the CP’s office in the afternoon, and he responded to us very well. He directed us to meet with an officer at the appropriate quarters. Unfortunately, Dupe is dead now, and the whole family is in sorrow.”

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