Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Secret recording of a phone conversation between Abigail Igwe's friend & John Fashanu to clear Abigail's name ( Video)

Abigail's friend decided to clear her friend's name by recording this private conversation between herself (the friend) and John Fashanu. Listen to the conversation after the cut...but below is excerpts
    Friend:.....I also read that she is a lesbian and am like no! no!, who wrote that no, but Uncle Fash you shouldn't have, I mean your old, I mean you are matured man, you shouldn't write, I mean! no! No!
    Fash: Everybody wants to be in the media, and I will write rubbish, you wanna fight Ok, that's fine...I will fight.

    Friend: But atleast everyone knows Abigail is not a lesbian, Fash, can you just counter all those things, please I beg you in God's name.
    Fash:...yeah ask her to counter her things first, that's the thing you should be doing, please.
FRIEND: I also heard she was married three times, I said no!
FASH: That was a misquote

FRIEND: I think its maybe a misquote and that she is 53years old. WOW! I said, she should be 49 or so.
FASH: 53? No! that is a horrible thing because the papers are on my side, they are my people, they add 3 digits ...they will always say more because they are my people, because some of the boys I give them N100,000 every month to protect my interest

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