Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I left my Fiance few days to the wedding because she was HIV Positive

Dear Linda Onu,
This is a true life story,the mail was sent to me and i decided to share it with my readers.
My name is Tony(not real name),i am a pastors son,i have never been with a woman before until i met my wife to me Helen( not real name) she was introduced to me by our resident pastor.We were supposed to get married last month,i called the wedding off and these are my reasons; i have been the only one attending our marriage class for a very long time because my wife to be was not in the country.She came back to Nigeria a month to the wedding.The church asked us to go for test which is normal,the result was not sent to us,it was sent to the church committee,we were called separately to tell us the result of our test.I found out my wife to be was HIV positive,i never knew she has been living with the virus for over 12years,the pastor that introduced her to me also knew she was HIV Positive.I would have gone ahead with the wedding,but i just felt it was an intentional act to deal with me.She has been calling me back to back crying on the phone.She asked me to give her my sperm so that she can  have a baby of her own.I think everyday cos i really loved this girl,my mum also loved her.How do i come out of this trauma.

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