Tuesday, 15 April 2014

ABUJA BLAST: Baby Survives In Abuja Blast, Reunites With Hospitalised Mother

A 10-month-old baby simply identified as Goodness, who was said to have lost her mother during the Nyana bomb blast is set to be reunited with her mother in hospital.
MIRACLE: Baby Who Survived In Abuja Blast Reunites With Hospitalised Mother
Mother and baby, Goodness, reunited

The baby was estranged from her mother, who was presumed dead in the blast, and spent the day at Asokoro Hospital without relatives.

Her mother, Gloria Adams, was later discovered in Intensive Care Unit at Wuse General Hospital and has since been visited by family.

A source in the Hospital said Gloria suffered severe injuries and is one of two left in ICU after one other patient died there.

She is among 216 people now confirmed injured.

“I cannot remember how I got here. I only saw myself on the ground, turning and turning. Then someone came and removed the baby.”

Her baby, Goodness, spent Tuesday morning sleeping at Asokoro Hospital while medical workers and her auntie, Maria Dominic, watched.

Through divine providence, the 10-month-old did not sustain any injuries in the blast apart from a slight swelling over one eye, which is being monitored by Doctors.

Plans were already underway to transfer the baby to Wuse to join her mother.

“I’m feeling better, Many have died, but I am alive. I give glory to God,” Gloria stated.

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  1. Thank God 4 the mother and child what a miracle


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