Friday, 18 April 2014

"It's Over"-Jude Okoye's tweet indicates split with psquare

 Jude Okoye's tweet indicates something is wrong in the Okoye house.If you recall,he didn't attend Peter Okoye's wedding to Lola Omotayo but attended Paul's...
After both brothers got married,the twins who live in the same house(different wings) may have thought life would continue as normal but things may have changed.

Jude Okoye's tweet that he is done after 10 years is about the duration of Psquare's successful career ,and reports say this has to do with the twins being at constant loggerheads caused by one of their wives......
Peter Okoye said in Febuary...Never! We are happy and we share 50-50 of everything. If we do an album now and I am responsible for all the jobs, Paul would still get his 50 per cent. Sometimes, I would write a song and sing the first verse. Paul’s voice may not be good for that second verse but you won’t be able to tell the difference. The only person who may push us to go solo is our mother and that is not going to be possible.

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