Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Lawmakers, workers, flee over National Assembly bomb scare

There was a bomb scare this afternoon at the National Assembly, which had lawmakers, Assembly staff, and bank workers in the premises all closing abruptly and hurriedly leaving the premises.
The bomb scare which happened at about 2pm today according to reports, started when security operatives attached to the National Assembly acted on complains by some legislative aides and workers about some suspicious movement by some individuals with questionable character in the premises.
The security men immediately drafted men of the Police and Nigeria Civil Defence Corp to the entrance of the complex. This action fueled fears of a possible attack.
Reports say people in the building immediately started locking up their offices and ran out of the building. Bank workers also immediately closed their bank.
However, Mr. Ibrahim Ndakothe, the Sergeant-in-Arm of the National Assembly denied that this incident happened, claiming it was just a rumor.

    “There is nothing like bomb scare, it is just a rumour. Those banks chose to close because we have assured them that there is nothing like that. It’s just mere rumour".

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