Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Truth about Ese Walter allegation with Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

Ese Walter accused Pastor Biodun of Coza church Abuja few months ago.She had to go public because her demands were not met.Ese Walter is a paparazzi journalist,a paparazzi journalist goes about blackmailing people.She had evidence yes,but who doesnt know Pastor Biodun,as a worker in COZA, some of his members go out of their way to book for hotel reservation for Pastor Biodun if he is in UK or Usa.Ese did what she did because she wants to run a program on crowder fm Abuja.She started the program immediately after her scandal with Pastor Biodun.She talks about Abuse.Benny Ark her husband was also a worker in COZA,he was busy chasing all the girls in Coza,he was directly working under Pastor Biodun.Pastor Biodun warned him not to chase d girls,he got angry and left the church.Meanwhile he was dating Ese walter before he left the church.Ese walters have been speaking with Pastor Flow in Lagos,so that he can pay her off to keep her quite,but Pastor flow wasnt ready to play ball with her.She was encouraged by Benny Ark to put up the story just to make her famous and enable her run her program in Crowder radion.


  1. This sounds baseless and false. #Next?

  2. @Anonymous how r u sure its a lie.where u there smhhhhh!


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