Wednesday, 17 December 2014

We old people create problems for innocent young Nigerians - GEJ says

 While speaking at the launch of the Youth Employment in Agriculture Programme and the Fund for Agricultural Finance in Nigeria at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, yesterday, President Jonathan said that while young Nigerians are venturing into music, acting and other activities that bring glory to Nigeria, the older generation are in politics insulting, abusing themselves and causing problems for young Nigerians.
    "For the Nigerian young men and women, those who we have seen today and the ones outside there, we appreciate and commend you because anything that you are involved, you bring glory to this country. Anything that the old people like us are involved in, it is always problems. Young people are involved in sports, soccer, athletics and so on, and within the period that I have been here as Vice President and President, they have always been bringing glory to us."

    "Young people are involved in the movie, popularly called Nollywood, and this continues to bring glory to us. Young people are involved in music, like D-Banj, and they always continue to bring glory to us. But see politics that old people like us are involved in, we continue to quarrel and abuse ourselves everyday and create problems for innocent Nigerians. So, we believe that the future of this country is in the hands of young people. The young Nigerians will surely take us to where we want to be. One day, you will take us to the moon. I believe in the young, creative and talented people. Surely, we will create enabling environment for you because you stand for the future of this country and you will make this country great.” the president said

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